Celebrities And Their Interest On False Teeth

It is acceptable to see actors wearing false teeth along with their prosthetic makeup to make the character they are playing more realistic. But it may sound weird that some famous actors would like to collect false teeth. One of the famous actresses known for her quirky fashion taste and who also collects false teeth is Helena Bonham Carter. She admitted that she and her long-time partner and acclaimed film director, Tim Burton, collect dentures that they use in their movies. Cosmetic Teeth

But a recent interesting news about celebrities and their dentures is about Jane Fonda who spent around $ 65,000 on false teeth. She said that she chose to spend this amount rather than buying a new car. Nevertheless, she had also admitted to have no regrets about the plastic surgeries she had undergone. The Olsen twins were even reported to have worn fake teeth in the later years of their television series Full House because they want the twins to retain their cute little smiles. It seems odd but some people just don’t want any sudden changes with their actors’ smiles. false teeth

With these news, having false teeth is not just for the normal people who have lost their teeth due to a bad dental hygiene or perhaps an accident. Yet, the most interesting realization about false teeth is that more people are visiting dental clinics for their cosmetic concerns. Just like plastic surgery, dental cosmetics have been the most common procedures done even with people who are not suffering from serious periodontal disease. There had been numerous dental surgeries done for people who want to change the way their teeth look. Some are going for vampiric canines as inspired by their favorite teeny bopper vampire movies.

But if there are actors who have lost their teeth and would wear fake teeth, there is a greater probability that they would go for dental implants. The cost of dental implants would not be a bother to them if they can just retain more natural looking fake teeth. Then there are also actors who go through dental procedures to make their smiles look better. Perhaps, kid actors who have gone through the stages of growing up may also feel more pressured to maintain their smiles. However, just like the craze in Britain in 2006, some fanatics were not only copying what their favorite actor is wearing but they are also using snap-on smiles which are made to look like their favorite actor’s smile.

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