Choosing Denture Color For A Natural Look

The color of the denture matters a lot since you are using dentures not only to help you eat and speak naturally but also for cosmetic reasons. The teeth have several shades which may differ depending on the location where the denture will be placed. Having white teeth may seem to be favorable but unless you are not getting your teeth bleached or whitened anytime soon, stick to your natural teeth color for your dentures. It is never appealing to look at a mouth with different shades of color on the teeth. false teeth

But it should not worry you when it comes to choosing the teeth color. Your dentist will help you decide on the color before sending it to the dental technician to be produced. There is a denture chart where you can both check the color that closely matches the shade of your natural teeth. When looking at the chart, focus on one shade at a time since most of the shades on the chart may look similar. However, these are really in different shades and you just need to determine which one looks like the adjacent natural teeth where your denture will be fixed. Dentures in a Day

If you are planning to have your teeth whitened in the future, inform you dentist about your plans so that he can recommend the proper steps to take. Sometimes the dentist will recommend having the teeth whitening procedure done prior to making your dentures. However, dentures may not easily change in color as your natural teeth do. Yet, false teeth can still be affected by food stains which can also cause its yellowing. Some dentists would even recommend a shade whiter than your natural teeth as they would prefer to match the color of your teeth with your skin.

A shade lighter may seem to be not much of a difference but for smokers and coffee drinkers, they may have to think twice about getting 3 or 4 shades lighter than their natural teeth. You don’t want to make your dentures look more fake. Putting a shade that is way too extreme than your natural teeth color will just make it look odd. The best thing to do is talk to your dentist and just demand what your expectations are so that you will get the best of the money you are spending. Never compromise just because dentists know best. Remember that there are some oral hygiene situations that your dentist may not know and it is always best to inform him right away especially those that concern your dental health.

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